Curating The Perfect Coffee Table



Cosy Coffee Tables

Cute coffee tables are so important. They make homes so much more charming and reveal the personality of their owners. Today I’m going to try and give you a breakdown of how you can curate the perfect coffee table.

  1. Coffee Table Books – Pick the ones that reflect your tastes and interests. The one on mine is All in Good Taste – Kate Spade. I’ve also kept pretty little book folders with my favorite pictures and little memory keepsakes inside them.
  2. Trinkets From Your Travels – I have a little eiffel tower dish that I got from Paris. Its always nice to have something from your latest travel on your table as it sparks conversation with guests.
  3. Favourite Candles Of The Season I’m very big on scented candles. Specially the ones that come in cute jars.  They just make the mood and vibe of the place a whole lot cozier. You could keep changing the candles according to fragrances that go with the season. For example something like Peppermint & Candy would be nice to keep around christmas or floral fragrances around spring time. I’ve currently kept- Bath and Body Works – Fresh Cut Lilacs Scented Candle and a candle with a mixed floral scent that I picked up at Anthropologie.
  4. Blooms To Add Colour – Flowers are always nice. I haven’t kept fresh flowers here but it’s always nicer with those around. Im a sucker for great packaging and hate throwing it away. So I’ve used my empty Diptique candle box here to hold the flowers.

love, S <3



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